The Thief of Wishes – Developer’s point of view

At the beginning of our work on “The Thief of Wishes”, we had a difficult choice – which platform do we want to develop for? At first, we considered Unity with its flexibility. Of course, the free engine which we can use to develop for Windows, Android and Steam is a great advantage, but also a lot of problems. We didn’t have many expectations except one: to be able to develop our project fast. And this is what we couldn’t achieve.

The Thief of Wishes – Heroes

But what about the Thief? At the beginning, before the final concept of the “demonic raven”, we had a few other ideas. We knew from the start that we want Catharine (“The Girl”) and the Thief (“The Monster”) perform together as a duo. But the theme of the script was more comedic, with continuous escapes, gags and many attempts to take the stolen coins away from the Thief.

The Thief of Wishes – Gameplay

Like any small studio we decided to start ambitious …and we wasted time on several projects, which even large companies would hesitate to consider.

But sooner or later there is always this moment when the apple falls and inspire a man to bump into something seemingly obvious. We had a revelation. And it was that kind of idea that leads to a constructive conclusion, instead of further plans to build a rocket to Mars: A fairy tale-inspired children app with dialogue choices – that is how, in short, we can present our idea, or at least its direction.

The Thief of Wishes – Idea

Everybody once threw a coin into a fountain, but what happened to their wish is a different story. Ours began with a random question, which consequences we were unable to predict then.

“If I take a coin from a fountain, do I also steal someone’s wishes?”

That is how the idea for the app was born. “The Thief of Wishes” is the first project made by our studio, and we are delighted to welcome you as All Blue Team. Although we are small, I assure you that we make that up with enthusiasm!